Honestly, these "About" things are so hard!! But maybe you want to know who you might be spending some time with, or who will be shooting your senior. So here goes:

Being a mom has been the single most defining thing in my life. You parents know what I'm talking about. Emotions are magnified (Happiness: Who knew there was so much love in your heart for 8 pounds of pure goodness? Frustration: You can't change a roll of toilet paper, really?? Worry: You want to go in a car with a 17-year-old boy???)

My kids are your kid's age: The mid to late teen-age years. I've sent one off to college and I'm working on the last one. I've volunteered in the local schools and I've been a Girl Scout leader. I've met a lot of kids and I've discovered each kid out there is special and unique and has a beauty all their own.

When I picked up a camera when my kids were babies, it was with the sole intent of recording their childhoods. I wanted to capture those fleeting moments. Then I started to realize that not only can you capture those moments, you can do it in a creative way. And I fell in love with photography. When a friend of mine asked me to do her daughter's senior pictures some years ago, I realized I loved shooting other people's kids as much as my own. To show them their own unique beauty.

Years later, I still love the balance of shooting in the field with the senior, and then later making the pictures pop with Photoshop. In the field, interacting with the teens, figuring out what makes them genuinely smile, laugh, reflect is something I look forward to each and every time out. Then with the proofs at the computer, I love the quiet time of going through the photos. I am always learning new Photoshop techniques to pop colors, to overlay textures, to bring out the best in each photo.

Being the mother of two teenage daughters gives me insight and appreciation into this age, along with what the parents of these seniors are experiencing, as their kids are moving off to begin their adult lives. It is a special time - that brief moment between childhood and adulthood.

When I'm not photographing, I like to bicycle, golf, and travel. I love food, but I'm not much of a cook. Actually, the joke in our house when the fire alarm goes off is "Oh-oh, Mom's cooking!!"

Wow. If you've made it this far, I'm impressed!! Maybe I'm much more long-winded than I thought!!