Oh no! Not another About Me page!! I'd much rather hear about you! But I can understand why you might want to know a little bit about the person taking your photos. OK, I'll give you the basics. I've been photographing local seniors for almost 10 years now and have enjoyed all those 10 years. I've chosen to concentrate on individuals, because I love getting to know people one-on-one. One-on-one means that I travel light - no assistant, no lighting equipment, or other such encumbrances. It's just me, you, (and maybe a parent or two!!) and my camera, and hopefully you will forget about the camera as we chat and go about our session.


I have had two high school seniors of my own, one of whom is gainfully employed, and living in San Francisco, and one of whom is entering her senior year at college. I love all kinds of photography - landscape, astrophotography, birds - you name it! I also have taken up fly fishing and also make some pottery on the wheel. 

My first love, always, is portrait photography and I hope that I can take yours.