I thought I'd show some before and after photos so you can see what my retouching techniques can do. The goal is to make you look your absolute best. If you wake up on the day of your shoot with dark circles, or an outbreak, no worries! In addition to making you look as good as you do on your best day, retouching also can pop background colors, improve the light and do all sorts of fun things.

In this before photo, there was a lot of background colors that could be brought out. Also, the cement was a little boring so I gave it a little tonal shift and texture definition. The senior herself was pretty flawless and required only minimal attention.


In close-up portraits, I especially like to pop eyes and make sure any blemishes and dark circles go away. 







I wanted to emphasize the sun-drenched feel of this pasture as well as the softness of the grass around her. I also didn't like the dog right behind her head!


I love texture and structure and often there are a lot of hidden colors there, just waiting to be brought out in Photoshop. Sometimes a photo works well in both color and in black and white so in your initial gallery occasionally I will show you samples of each.